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Competency Center  of Veritas in MONT offers you new opportunities for business support.

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Veritas resources for MONT partners

MONT has a rich history of providing sales support for Veritas solutions throughout all project stages.

Sales support

  • Provision of training for product managers and technicians.
  • Assistance with writing sales scripts.

Pre-sale help

  • Solution selection and specification drafting in accordance with end user requirements.
  • Assistance with customer consultation and technical specification drafting for the product.
  • Executing pilot projects on the customer's platform and working on system implementation.


  • Provision of assistance in training the partner's and customer's employees.

Marketing support

  • The ability to assist with end-user events.
  • Provision of product marketing information.

Demo stand

  • A wide range of products for the demonstration, testing, training, and familiarization with solutions and their functionality.
  • To order a demo stand, send a free-form request to

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